In this post, I will answer the most frequently asked question, why do you need a yoga towel.

Without a doubt, a yoga towel is an important item to have in your yoga gear collection. Everyone knows it will keep your dry during the session. However, there are several other reasons as well.

Continue reading to know the importance of a yoga towel.

Do you Need a Yoga Towel?

Well, a simple answer to this question is yes. We have a lot of good reasons why a yoga towel is essential.

Keeps You Safe from Bacteria

Whether you are a veteran yogi or a newbie, you must know that a yoga mat is extremely dirty. It might be a surprise; yoga mats are a breeding ground for various kinds of bacteria and bugs. The dead skin cells, sweat, shedding skin, and hot temperature in the studio, these all attract bugs.

Many people share yoga mats in the studio, this is not safe for anyone. Even if you use your mat, it is still a hotbed for bacteria. This can lead to a number of conditions like athlete’s foot, warts, and ringworm.

When you place a yoga towel on the amt, it will protect you from such bacteria and germs. This is because you will not pick up any bacteria from the towel since it will act as a protective layer.

Can Replace Mat

Left your yoga mat at home? It can happen to anyone. Does this mean you will have to use someone else’s yoga mat? Well, you would have to if you don’t have a yoga towel. Having a yoga towel in your bag can keep you safe. If you don’t have yoga, it’s okay, you can place a yoga towel over the communal mat.

High Absorbency Rate

Another reason why you need a yoga towel is that it will keep you dry. Most yoga towels have a high absorbency rate. They will soak up all your sweat, yet, remain dry. During a yoga session, you will lose gallons of water, despite this, your yoga mat will stay all the time.

It Will Not Slip

A good reason for using a yoga towel is that it is anti-slip. This means no matter how much you move or how you move, the towel will not bunch up. It will help you have the right balance during postures as you will know your hands or feet will not move. If you don’t have a yoga towel, your hands and feet start slipping during high-intensity yoga practice.

Therefore, a yoga towel is crucial for staying safe from a wide range of viruses. It will keep you dry by wicking away moisture. If you forget your yoga mat, a yoga towel will come in handy for the session. Place it over the communal mat and you can rest assured you are safe.

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