Professional Cotton Towel Manufacturer in China

The so-called cotton towels are towels made of pure cotton yarns knitted by woven machines. Cotton fiber is a natural fiber, the main component of which is cellulose, and a small amount of waxy substances and nitrogen and pectin. Pure cotton fabrics have been inspected and practiced in various aspects, and the fabrics have no irritation and no negative effects when in contact with the skin. Long-wearing is beneficial to the human body and has good hygienic properties. Cotton towels feel comfortable and soft. Usually cotton towels are made of fine cotton yarn. Cotton towels are suitable for all users, especially children with skin allergies or delicate skin are very suitable for cotton towels. Because pure cotton towels do little harm to the human body, users can safely use such pure cotton towels. According to the use of cotton towel products, towel fabrics can be divided into face towel, pillow towels, bath towels, hand towels, napkins, towels, kids personalized towel, bathrobes and other customized towels. According to the technology of cotton towels, towel textiles can be divided into plain weaving, jacquard, cut-off, velour cut pile, embroidery logo, printing and so on.

The custom design jacquard cotton towel and emboridery cotton towel are  valued popular for bath towel, face towel, beach towel, sport towel, gym towel and promotional gift towel superoity choice. Bangze textile towel manufacturer can meet the exact requirements of the customer,whilst provide more value than the requirements.

You can submit a sample and, got a sample from bellow items:

What is cotton towel?
Cotton towel in made from natural yarn fiber via woven machine knitted to be different size, color and pattern towels. Because of its soft and comfortable texture, super water absorbency, most people use cotton towels in our daily life, such as hotel towels, cotton bath towel and cotton toweling bathrobes in a family. It has many patterns, we use pure white color for hotel and spa health care, embroidery logo and name is most popular pattern for this group customers. Another, most European countries people like cotton velour material for beach towel because of softness texture and good hand feeling.Plain weaving Solid dyed cotton towel add a logo on it for promotion sale is a good gift for famous branded companies, they use cotton promotional gift towel as a present and gift.

What are Features of Bangze textile cotton towel?
All of our Bangze textile cotton towels cotton raw material yarns are made from Pakistan, not Chinese domestic normal cotton yarn. Why does Bangze imported cotton yarns not use domestic cotton yarns? Let me tell you the characteristics of Pakistan’s cotton yarn. Pakistan is recognized as the fourth largest cotton producing country in the world and the third largest spinning country in Asia. It has a spinning ability of 12 million. Such a spinning ability can be said to be very outstanding. Pakistani cotton yarn is a yarn made of cotton fiber by spinning technology, which is called cotton thread after ply processing. According to different spinning technologies, it can be divided into carded yarn and combed yarn. The so-called carded yarn is a yarn spun from cotton fiber through a common spinning system, and a combed yarn is a yarn spun from cotton fiber through a combed spinning system.

Pakistan cotton yarn has a wide range of uses. It can be used as weaving yarn and knitting yarn. Special combed yarn can be used to produce textiles with higher quality.In order to obtain orders, some competitor towel manufacturers tend to import low-count yarns and low-density fabrics. Starting from the stable quality of the product and better stretch ability, our company has always used higher quality Pakistani cotton yarn.

Cotton towel vs microfiber towel
Pure cotton towels and microfiber towels are two completely different towels, suitable for different application scenarios. Cotton itself is very absorbent, and it will be stained with a layer of oily substances during the process of making towels. When first used, pure cotton towels do not absorb much water. After three or four times of use, the oily substances decrease and become more and more. Absorb water. Microfiber towels are just the opposite. The initial water absorption effect is extraordinary. As time goes by, the fiber hardens and becomes brittle, and its water absorption performance begins to decrease. Cotton towels are often used in hotels and beauty centers, and microfibers are mostly used in car washing, hair salons, outdoor sports, kitchen cleaning, and so on.

Cotton towels can be divided into two types: cotton and polyester-cotton blended fabrics. The thickness ranges from 350gsm to 1000gsm. They can be customized according to requirements. Common techniques include embroidery, silk screen patterns, reactive printing, yarn-dyed jacquard, etc. The material of the microfiber towel is made of a blend of 80% polyester + 20% nylon. The thickness ranges from 200gsm to 1000gsm, and can be customized according to the purpose.

How much is cotton towel?
You can find a quality cotton towel sell price is over US$15 each piece on Amazon, lower quality cotton towel even sale at US$10/pc. Bangze textile is professional produce cotton towels over 12 years in China, please do not hesitate contact us, we can offer you accurate and best price cotton towels for you according to your full specifications within 48 hours.

Firstly, you are required to tell us your towel specifications, for example, the towel size, pattern, density or weight, and quantity if you have towel sample picture that will be great for us to offer you accurate price. We will check MOQ for you and quote shortly based on your specifications. Normally, 30x30cm, 50gram, white cotton towel is US$0.35 Ex-works price. 35x75cm, 120gram, white cotton towel is US$0.815, 70x140cm, 500gram, white, US$3.21. The more quantity order, the cheaper price. Our each color dyed fabric MOQ is 300kgs, if your order less than our MOQ, then you are required to pay for extra dye charge US$100 per color. Different towel pattern, the price will be much different. Please contact us and ask for quick offer.

How to custom cotton towel?
Our custom cotton towel procedure is professional and simple. Firstly, customer need to tell us clear the towel specifications, such as towel color, size and pattern, then we make a lab dip according to standard Pantone color for free to customer checking color. Before mass production, we will make a pre-production sample for you to approval, then go ahead mass production. Our produce procedure starts with woven fabric on knitted machine, dye fabric, sew and stitching, embroidery logo, or printing logo and pattern.Then pack goods and finish in package workshop, our senior QC team check every towel before package. Finally, they put in to cartons and stores in our warehouse ready for delivery.

Now we custom personalized gym towels for example. A pre-production sample charge range is US$50-US$100 use our existing towel sample then embroidery your logo on it. If custom dyed color towel, the sample charge is US$100-US$200. Different towel requirements, the sample charge is not fixed. We have a standard sample charge. Especially, we supply custom free sample charge for VIP old customers. Please contact us before your order.

What cotton towels does Bangze Supply?