Best Custom Design Cooling Towel Manufacturer

As a custom design cooling towel manufacture in China, we supply a wide pattern range of  cooling towel in mesh fabric. They are used for travelling, working out, running, sweat out, go outing any many places. Bangze textile accept OEM and ODM cooling towels at customers’ request.

Cooling towel is composed of a kind of ultra-fine mesh fiber with 2 layers, produced by the organic compound of polyester and nylon. Wet a towel with cold water and squeeze it until it is just damp. Now with 30% greater cooling power, the new Hydro Active Max Large Cooling Towel is the fastest cooling towel. Our  Cooling Towel was originally engineered for elite athletes to help them keep cool during high-intensity training or competition. 

Our popular size of cooling towel is 30x90cm, 30x100cm and 30x110cm. You can print logo, embroidery logo even sublimation full size printed on this magic instantly cooling fabric towel. Contact us to know more about it!

Why does the cooling towel can instantly be cool down?
Cooling towel is composed of microfibers and a three-layer composite fabric with mesh fabric. The first layer of fabric absorbs water to keep the body dry;the second layer of fabric locks water and retains water molecules inside the fibers; and the third layer of fabric drains moisture and achieves a cooling effect. When water molecules evaporate, it can reduces the temperature of the fabric, thereby reducing the surface temperature of the human skin. Cooling towels have been popular among sports people since they were registered in China. They were later used in tourism, fieldwork, personal care, physical cooling, etc., and became an artifact for people to relieve heat.

The cool towel uses functional fabrics and 3D three-dimensional weaving technology. The material is composed of a variety of special fibers. The structure of multiple fibers is like a high-density network structure like capillaries. This structure can deeply lock water and then In the interstices of compressed fabric fibers, moisture is intelligently restrained therein and remains inside the fibers for a long time before being released during use. Moisture can remain in the fiber for more than 5 hours. The cold feeling is gone, you can get wet and shake it, and the cold feeling will reappear instantly, which is amazing!

Where can I use cool towels?
During the day, we spent a lot of energy working in the company for a day. After get off work, you may not have time to go to the gym to exercise. At this time, you are most likely to increase outdoor running and hiking, and home yoga and Pilates classes. No matter what exercise we do at home, we sweat easily. Use a clean sports towel to dry your sweat, and then hang a cold towel on the hanger, so that you can get relief immediately after a full workout.

What packaging options are available for cooling towels?
We provide a wide range of cool towel packaging options, including but not limited to promotional PVA cooling towels, relief cooling towels, soft and comfortable company brand microfiber cooling towels and scented custom aromatherapy cooling towels. Not only that, we will also pack protective UPF 50 cooling towels in bulk, in bottles or jars, transparent waterproof zipper bags and a series of cooling towels.

Can the cool sport towel really cool down more than ten degrees in an instant?
The cooling towel does not contain chemicals, glues, crystals or phase change materials, has good air permeability, does not irritate the skin, and is safe and reliable. The air permeability, comfort, softness, and adsorption are all unmatched by pure cotton, fiber and other materials. The standard thickness is 160gsm, usually silk screen printing on it, plus logo washing water mark and full-page printing are the most common.

In view of the material characteristics of the cooling towel, it can prevent the user from summer outings and travels to prevent heatstroke, cool down, protect the eyes, and protect the skin. For those who like sports and fitness, it can bring sweat absorption, cooling, and relaxing and cooling effects to help people maintain their body temperature during exercise and restore physical strength. The cool towel is also an auxiliary tool for physical cooling in the event of fever, or scald; after sports falls, it can temporarily cool and stop bleeding. The cold towel is easy to use, just wet it with room temperature water, twist it lightly, shake it, and it will instantly become cold. In short, the cold towel is a must-have item for everyone in summer sports.

Is cooling towel very expensive?
We buy a cold towel at a Decathlon supermarket for about US$5. In fact, the selling price from our factory is less than US$1. Why is the price difference so big? Because all of our raw materials are produced by ourselves, we strictly follow customer orders and do not waste some unnecessary materials. There is no trader in the middle to make a difference. You can contact us if you want to customize your own design cooling towel.

Are cooling towels complicated?
It’s simple. We have standard 24 colors in stock for you to choose. You only need to tell the towel size, quantity and customization requirements, and we will make a layout or mockup for you to confirm. After that, we will send a free sample to you for confirmation. The proofing time is usually 5-7 days, and the production time is also very fast, which can be completed in about 15 days.