Professional Pet Towel supplier in China

Pet towel is hot popular in Pet hospitals and pet shop, they beauticians usually use a pet towel to dry their body water after bathing their pets, so we call it dog bath towel too. More and more people are buying a special pet towel for their pets. People put a dog cover towel on the cage to keep warm for pets. Considering the absorbency, warmth and durability of towels, smart owners will choose microfiber dog towel for their pets.

Microfiber pet towel is characterized by strong water absorption, durable, does not fade, easy to wash, quick-drying, affordable and soft hand feeling. Bangze textile is the dog bath towel supplier in China.The thickness of common pet towels is 280GSM and 300GSM, which can be customized in size and embroidered or printed.

You can submit a sample to us then we customize as you request, and you can get a free sample from below item for professional decent buyers.

Why do you need a pet bath towel for your pets?

Many pet friends must know that bathing pets is a big project for guys. In addition, some of them are afraid of water or have a lively personality and are unwilling to cooperate. They may even accidentally hurt their lovely pets under panic. When you bring your pets to the pet shop to bathe can also bring their own towels to reduce the chance of cross-infection of skin diseases.

After bathing, you need to use a clean and soft microfiber spun pet towel to dry the hair on the body. And then dry it thoroughly with a hair dryer to prevent the pet from catching a cold. This microfiber pet towel fabric has super water absorption and durability. Now this microfiber material towel is widely used in different fields. It can be used to wipe the excess water on the hair after washing the hair, and can wipe dry the wet hair with a towel in one minute. Dry it in a natural state after use, which can effectively prevent the growth of bacteria.

What styles of pet towels are available?

We produce all kinds of pet towels, mainly composed of microfiber ingredients. It can be worn on pets to keep warm and fashionable in winter, which is very popular. There are mainly pet bath towels, pet clothes, pet mats and dog cage covers. It not only has a low MOQ, but also a low price, and can be customized with embroidery patterns or silk-screened text. Many Professional groomers use our pet towel super absorbent dog towel, suede absorbent towel, dog and cat bath towel in stores and shops.

Using reactive printing and dyeing technology, no toxic chemical additives, no fluorescent agent, no formaldehyde, this is also one of the advantages of quick-drying pet towels, environmentally friendly, healthier and safer quick-drying towels are more assured and considerate, the same quick-drying The price of towels is only ten or twenty yuan. Quick-drying towels can also be bought with extremely high water absorption capacity, which can absorb a large amount of water in an instant, soft and not scratching the skin, bringing us a good life experience.

How much does a high-quality pet towel cost?

We learned that the best-selling pet towel on the Amazon platform is about 28 US dollars, and the same quality is only 5 us dollars when produced in our factory. If you need to customize your own style of pet towel, please contact us for free quotation and samples.