Professional Quality Yoga Towel Manufacturer

Yoga towel is a kind that can be used with PVC yoga mat. When doing yoga on it, you can reduce contact with the yoga mat and make the yoga mat as durable and clean as new. Use a towel fabric and use silicone to increase the slip resistance and make the towel more stable. You can use solid color yoga towel and printed yoga towel 2 patterns as you like. Fabrics with the same texture and composition are usually thick, expensive and of good quality. What is the function of yoga towel?

  1. Spread on a yoga mat to absorb sweat. (Please note that when doing yoga, your body emits a lot of sweat and drips on the yoga mat.Causes uncomfortable sticking. At this point, you can use this super absorbent cloth on the yoga mat to effectively absorb sweat)
  2. Prevent inhalation of bacteria on yoga mats. When practicing yoga, prevent certain facial movements from approaching the yoga mat and avoid inhaling bacteria or dust mites.
  3. The unique capillary adsorption effect of ultra-fine fibers makes the fabric have the characteristics of fast water absorption and fast drying.
  4. There are non-slip rubber particles on the back, which can fix the towel on the mat without sliding, which effectively assists the stretching and balance of yoga. Improve sports safety and comfort. During exercise, uneven rubber particles have a good massage effect on the soles and back, and promote blood circulation.
  5. Yoga towel is light weight, versatile and easy to carry, and it is machine washable and easy to clean.

What is a yoga towel?
Yoga, a sport that originated in India, has a history of more than a thousand years, and it is also popular today. It is a consensus to prepare yoga mats to protect yourself when practicing yoga, but did you know that the initial role of yoga mats is not to protect but to prevent dirt. Yoga drape is a kind of towel that can be laid on the PVC yoga mat. Doing yoga on it can reduce the contact with the yoga mat, so that the yoga mat can be used for a long time, as clean as new. Towel cloth is used, and silica gel is used to increase slip resistance, which makes the process of laying towels more stable. So what is the difference between a yoga towel and a towel?

Is the more slip resistant the yoga towel, the better?
no. It is true that a yoga towel that is not slip resistant will make us fear and worry about injury during practice, but at the same time, a yoga towel that is too slip resistant will also affect your control of the details of the action, which actually hinders yoga practice.

How to use yoga towels correctly?
Yoga is suitable for everyone. However, patients with high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, etc. need to be careful when practicing and pay attention to choosing movements. Therefore, beginners can choose some simple and easy-to-complete movements to practice, and certain movements such as handstands and strong stretching can be appropriately abandoned. Everyone’s physical condition is different. Practice according to your physical condition. Try to face-to-face with the coach as much as possible, strengthen communication, and tell the coach your internal reactions. Because the coach usually only sees the external appearance of the body and cannot know the internal reaction. Practice with the help of towels to complete some movements. We can use some auxiliary equipment to make the action easier to complete, such as towels, yoga bricks, blankets and other similar tools. To practice yoga is to find yourself comfortable.

What is the standard thickness of a yoga towel?
Fabrics of the same texture and composition are generally thick, high in cost and good in quality. Thick drapes weigh 380 grams, and thin ones weigh 300 grams. The grammage here refers to the weight per square meter, using grams as the unit of measurement. Generally speaking, the weight of the yoga towel before the glue is 360 g/m2, and after the glue is 550-600 g/each.

Can I use ordinary towels instead of yoga towels?
When practicing yoga in the gym, if economic conditions permit, we recommend buying professional yoga towels instead of ordinary towels. Because ordinary towels are easy to slide when they are spread, it is easy for practitioners to stand on them and cause physical injury. Professional yoga towel towels have strong grip, strong slip resistance, better weaving density, more durability and sweat absorption. A good quality yoga towel only costs a few dollars, but it can be used for 1-2 years. It is economical and affordable. You don’t have to worry about the price being too expensive. Because we are a professional manufacturer of yoga towels, many styles are available in stock at very good prices!

How big is a yoga towel?
According to our 12 years of production and sales experience, the best-selling yoga towels are mainly 61cmx173cm and 61cmx183cm. Of course, if you think it is not enough, you can tell us what size you want to make, and we can customize yoga towels of any size and style.

How much is a yoga towel?
We have a variety of styles of yoga towels for you to choose from, ranging from the price of 2 US dollars to 7 US dollars, and there are many choices of materials. Yoga towels are made of microfiber polyester and nylon blends, which can be made into ordinary terry dyeing, printing patterns, embossing patterns, and embroidery patterns.

How long does it take to customize a yoga towel?
Please send us your sample yoga towel pictures if you have, then we will offer you shortly. After the samples are confirmed, our custom production time usually takes about 30 days to complete. If you are an urgent order, we will deal with it urgently according to the situation and complete it within 7-10 days.