Leading Qualified  Fitness Towel Manufacturer

Fitness towel is widely used when we exercise our body on sport studio or gym centers. After running on machine you may feel tired and want to wipe sweat, use this light weight and soft fitness towel, it will makes you happy!

We are leading quality fitness towel manufacturer in China since 2008 year and our fitness towels exported to many famous sports companies, such as IMG fitness, Macau Fitness, and Decathlon.

Three optional materials for fitness towel : 1.Cotton terry material, 2.Suede microfiber material,3.Waffle microfiber material.

Our fitness towel is suede fibers in the composition of the material are almost indestructible, super water absorbent, they don’t shed or deform, not even after years of usage. Microfiber dries almost ten times faster than cotton towels, it is soft to touch and gentle on the skin. And the synthetic material has excellent dirt repellent qualities, being able to keep off germs and bacteria.

What can we do with fitness towels?
With the development of the COIVD 19 pneumonia epidemic, you may now fight on the front line, or stay at home, but if you stay at home for too long, you will feel bored because you have nothing to do. In addition to staying at home, maintaining hygiene and doing Good protection, what else can you do?
In fact, fully understand the disease, maintain an optimistic attitude, exercise indoors, and strengthen immunity… These are the greatest help to yourself and the country. Staying at home, playing on mobile phones and watching TV, is often in a position for a long time, which is bad for our shoulders and back.

The first part of the “stretching action”: the towel is pulled down with straight arms. When we raise our hands above the top of our head, there are a few small places to pay attention to: 1. Extend the hands as far as possible; 2. The force point is the upper back. Many novices have irregular movements during exercise. Here are special reminders: 1. Keep your hands away from too far; 2. Straighten the towel hard; 3. elbows parallel to your body. Only by standardizing the movement can exercise be effective!

We provide a whole series of clothing to bring a comfortable wearing experience and help you enjoy the fun of fitness. At Bangze textile, our team works together to ensure that fitness and yoga practitioners feel fully relaxed and happy during exercise. We hope to make you forget the existence of clothing and focus on sports itself through our efforts. We are passionate about fitness, so we specially designed this product. Soft and absorbent of gym towel is important too.It is convenient to wipe sweat during fitness. All models of products have been tested in actual use, and are constantly updated and improved based on customer feedback. All products have been washed and dried to keep the shape and color lasting. The products are regularly tested by external laboratories, and the products meet our quality standards.

Many friends like take exercise in gym & fitness centers. Whether it is going to the gym or training at home, it is necessary to prepare a fitness towel. Many friends still don’t know how to choose a fitness towel. The editor tells everyone that the material determines everything.

We use fitness towels to wipe off the sweat stains that we rise up, so they need to have good sweat absorption and good softness to ensure that they will not feel uncomfortable when wiping, and they must not stimulate the skin. These aspects are all determined by the material. The best fitness towels on the market are made of polyester fiber, which has good air permeability and will not cause irritation to the human body. The finer and denser the polyester fiber weave, the better the water absorption. The texture will be lighter.

How to identify whether it is a good quality fitness towel?
There are so many fitness towel on the market, how to choose a high-quality towel is particularly important. We tell you to mainly look at three aspects. Lint free or not? After a lot of sweating, if you still leave scum on your body when you wipe your face and body, it feels unimaginable.

Skin-friendly of towel, the experience of wiping the skin with a towel, such as whether it will scratch the skin. Some towels will get rougher as you wash them, you can wash them three more times before comparing them. Softeners can make towels looser and give people a feeling. It seems that loose towels will be more skin-friendly and absorb sweat. Otherwise, using too much softener will destroy the water absorption of the towel.

Water absorption of towel, the degree of dryness of the sweat after one wipe, is it dry after one wipe, or does it need to be wiped several times? The total amount of sweat absorbed. When sweating profusely, is the towel wet before the sweat is completely wiped off? The water absorption capacity after repeated washing, after repeated use and washing, is the sweat absorption capacity far worse than before? High-quality fitness towels are very absorbent the first time they are used, and will not become rough after repeated use.

Quick-drying of towel is divided into the situation when the towel is naturally dried and the situation after wringing out during exercise. A good fitness towel can dry naturally within half an hour.

Portability refers to the weight and volume of the towel, whether it is convenient for everyone to use it. The unfolded area is large, and it becomes one-tenth of the original area after folding.

The superfine fiber quick-drying sports towel is the world’s most popular sports and fitness towel. It has all the above advantages. It has a soft fabric, quick-drying, light and thin, small size, very convenient to carry, and affordable. It is sought after by a large number of sports enthusiasts. More and more young people choose!

What styles of fitness towels are available?
We are a professional manufacturer of sports towels, and we have unparalleled enthusiasm and professional production knowledge for developing all kinds of sports towels. It can be made of plain dyed styles, printed patterns, embroidered patterns, and can also add hooks, zippers and other versatile sports and fitness towels. It integrates multiple functions, but the price is very reasonable, it is worth recommending to fitness enthusiasts around.

What is the price of fitness towel?
You don’t have to worry about the high price, because we are a professional manufacturer of sports towels. We provide all kinds of fitness towels to some large fitness institutions and franchise stores in European and American countries. What are the commonly used fitness towel sizes? 60x135cm, 60x120cm, 50x110cm, 90x50cm, 40x80cm, 30x70cm, 30x60cm these are common fitness towel sizes. You can choose according to your actual needs. We also provide customized services for other sizes and styles fitness towel, please contact us for more details.

What type of fitness towel is most popular recently?

Suede microfiber towel is super light weight,200GSM standard density, enjoys great popularity in North America and European countries. Many sport leading forum centers are crazy loved in! Compact mesh bag you can carry it anywhere no matter climbing mountains, running, or any indoor and outdoor sporting.