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           Guangzhou Bangze textile is a professional and famous towel manufacturer in China, we supply all kinds of cotton towel, microfiber towel, beach towel, poncho,yoga towel, hair towel, fitness towel, travel towel,spa towel, swimming towel, cooling towel and etc.We supply high quality with competitive price towels for more than ten years.

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What We Have To Offer

Guangzhou Bangze textile is a professional and famous towel manufacturer in China, we supply all kinds of cotton towel, microfiber towel, beach towel, poncho,yoga towel, hair towel, fitness towel, travel towel,spa towel, swimming towel, cooling towel and etc.We supply high quality with competitive price towels for more than ten years.

Are you looking for high-quality, attractive and customized microfiber towel, cotton towel and poncho?  We produce  gym towel, sport towel, suede travel towel, hotel and spa towels and supplies in microfiber material and cotton material. Towels are widely use in our daily life, it is neccessary time, so you need a clean and good quality towel for your health life!

You will find the towels what you are searching in bellow.

promotional printed golf towel with hook wholesale price

Waffle Golf Towel

We offer abundent golf towel patterns for professional golf players.  There are different material for golf towels, such as waffle , microfiber, cotton, solid color and printed types to choose. Golf towels are specifically designed for sports in terms of materials, specifications, and water absorption. Golfers use dry towels for absorbing moisture and drying their ball, dirty dot, tools and hands.

cotton beach towel with tassels

Cotton Beach Towel with Tassels

We can customized cotton beach towel pattern as you required with standard thickness 350GSM , 400GSM and 450GSM. The most popular size is 70x140cm, 75x150cm and 80x160cm. With graceful tassel edge makes your beach towel so special and uniquedifferent from others. Rective printing  feels comfortable and soft, no lint and anti-sands. Pure cotton towels are suitable for all kids and adults.

microfiber silkscreen printed promotional beach towel

Printed Microfiber Golf Towel

Non-elastic microfiber terry golf towel with silkscreen print logo, water-absorbent, fast dry,machine washable and small MOQ for this logo pattern golf towel. 70x140cm, 300GSM, grey color, your own logo pattern is acceptable. It is Lint- free and sandproof fabric. If you want to make 250GSM, 280GSM and 300GSM, top quality golf towel in customized size, please send inquiry and contact us!

silkscreen printed 2 sides mesh cooling towel with bottle

Mesh Cooling towel

Our standard sport cooling towel size 30x100cm, 30x110cm and 30x120cm in 160GSM. We can produce silkscreen print logo and digital print logo for cooling towels. Cooling towels have become the latest trend for people who want to cool down fast after running and exercise in gym. When they take exercises in gym, usually carry a dry towel to wipe the perspiration.The mesh fabric is very thin, comfortable surface textile, dry fast and feel cool instantly makes you enjoy daily life.

suede microfiber travel towel with elastic band and logo mesh bag package

Travel Towel With Elastic Band

Guangzhou Bangze Textile Co., is a professional towel manufacturer who can produce suede microfiber travel towel with light weight for outdoor easy carrying out. This travel towel has an elastic band, it is compact and small size after folded, so easy to carry when go outing.  Its soft and comfortable surface fabric protects your skin when washing, fast drying and warp your body for bathing when outside for travelling. We can produce personalize travel towel in different size and color and eadge as you required.

embossed logo microfiber suede outdoor travel towel

Suede Microfiber Gym Towel

As a professional gym towel manufacturer, we can emboss logo, print logo, embroidery logo and tag logo to make your own design gym towel, accept 500pcs – 1000pcs small order quantity. Gym towels and ordinary towels have some absorbency. It is the first fabric choice for gym towel because of it light weight, super absorbency, quicky dry and lint- free advantages.Therefore, our gym towels are more absorbent than ordinary towels. Standard gym towel size and thickness please contact us to learn more.

high quality white cotten hotel towel with customized logo

Hotel Cotton Towel 

As a professional hotel cotton towel manufacturer in China,we supply  plain weaving, jacquard, cut-off, velour cut pile, woven logo, print logo,and embroidery logo carftwork for cotton towels patterns. Pure cotton towels do little harm to the human body, users can safely use such pure cotton towels. We produce cotton towels for the usages such as face towel, bath towels, hand towels, kitchen towel, spa towel, bathrobes in embroidery logo and printed logo.
absorbent water gym towel with embossed logo and pocket

Embossed Microfiber Sport Towel

Microfiber towel is composed of a kind of ultra-fine fiber, which is a pollution-free high-tech new textile material. Its composition is a kind of ultra-fine fiber produced by the organic compound of polyester and nylon has good absorbent, lint-free and quick dry advantages. This microfiber sport towel embossed a logo and pocket and zipper, you can put in your personal tiny things in pocket when you are running, taking exersize on gym and fitness gymnasium.

Wholesale microfiber full color printed lint free hot yoga towel for adults

Sublimation Printed Yoga Towel

We are manufacturing and supplying  yoga towel solid color and printed color for yoga studios and sports company.  Our non slip yoga towel and yogitoes towel are made from anti slip  microfiber material for hot yoga towel clubs. Bangze textile accept small order quantity with reasonable price for OEM and ODM orders. 183x61cm Large size and 173x61cm Medium size. Contact us today to receive some samples of our logo and custom yoga towel we will offer best price.

Voice Of Our Customers

I am Hiroko from Japan, we received the goods in good protection. It is a very good product, thank you for taking care of this time carefully. Once again, very satisfied with order. A pleasure to do business with you!

Hiroko , Japan

My name is Ms. Stepan Suchanek  from Germany Company. My company mainly operates on fitness equipments. Bangze with good quality, fine workmanship and timely reply, and important, cooperate with the them without trouble, the sales person always can understand my emails meaning. This feeling makes me good, and comfortable! Good business partner!

Stepan Suchanek, Germany

Through five  years of cooperation, we know Bangze have more deep understanding, the production process conducted a series of quality control, they have good logistics solutions, let us in front of customers won more honor. Quick response and solve problem ability makes our cooperation successful!

Daniel Barrass, United Kingdom

We are American fitness club and have a running shop on Amazon. It is very happy to find Bangze company, they give us a very good reputation in our place, fast delivery time and logistics solutions.  Our customers  enjoy the cheap price with very high quality! Thank you!

Xan Barksdale, United Sates

I purchased beach towel from Bangze so many times. It is very fast shipping, good and accurate product, got them fast and as usual very good condition, all work great. Obviously this is a five star of quality suppliers, we will certainly buy again Bangze products, and I wish you the business is thriving!

Michael Ottma, United States

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