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Golf towel, custom golf towel, and golf gifts directly supply from China Bangze textile factory. We produce in different material for golf towels, such as waffle , microfiber, cotton, solid color and printed type both.Golf towels are specifically designed for sports, and have been optimized for sports in terms of materials, specifications, and water absorption.

Golf towels are different from ordinary towels and are a must-have for aerobics, outdoor adventures, and travel . Generally used golf towel sizes are 30x30cm, 30 * 60cm, 40 * 60cm, 40 * 80cm, 50 * 100cm. The materials are mainly divided into two categories: microfiber and cotton. The thickness is roughly divided into 300GSM, 320GSM and 360GSM are the most common.It is easy to clean and very convenient for wiping hands, clubs, grasses,dirty dot and ball by golfers.

You can submit a sample to us then we customize as you request, and you can get a free sample from below item for professional decent buyers.

What is a golf towel?
Golf towels are small towels used by golfers when they actively participate in playing golf. They are usually made of highly absorbent materials such as cotton fiber and microfiber. Most brands of golf towels are designed to be easily attached to golf bags. This towel Very similar to other types of sports towels, its main function is to provide golfers with a quick way to wipe their hands and face when moving from one hole to the next. When playing in bad weather, the golf towel can also be used to dry the club conveniently. Man playing golf. A distinctive feature of golf towels is the material of a corner of the buckle. When combined with the bag clip, the buckle allows the towel to be easily attached to a convenient location on the upper part of the golf bag. This makes it easy for golfers to detach the towel for quick use, and then quickly fasten it to the bag for later use in the game

How to choose a suitable golf towel?
Many golfers think that towels with rotating brackets are a good choice. When it comes to materials, the range of fiber blends used in golf towels is the same as other small towels. Cotton and cotton blended towels are a very popular choice, as are microfiber blended towels that use two parts of polyester and one part of nylon. All luggage and bags. The materials of these sports towels are machine washable, so it is easy to repeat in several years. use.

What’s the best size of golf towel?
We can buy golf towels of different sizes. Smaller golf towels are usually sufficient for casual games in mild weather. However, professional golfers who play on difficult courses and in warm weather usually choose a slightly larger towel, usually a more absorbent towel. Towel sizes may range from something slightly larger than a normal handkerchief to a slightly smaller style than a normal bath towel. You can buy golf towels of different brands and sizes at any retail store to carry golf equipment and supplies. Towels are available in a variety of colors and sizes, and can also be personalized with logos or other distinguishing marks. In addition to retail stores, many golf clubs also provide players with free towels for them to use while enjoying the course.

Why do golf towels have a hole?
Usually the golf towel has a hole that hangs on the bag. After playing the ball, the club will be stained with turf and mud. Wipe the club clean, otherwise it will affect the performance. The towel should be moistened with water when in use, which will help to clean the dirt on the club. After playing, wash it and dry it. Generally, golf towels are all cotton cut velvet reactive printing patterns. The front of the towel feels very delicate and texture. It can clean and protect the club without any scratches on the surface. The price of golf towels mainly depends on the brand, like Makigo, Callaway is mostly around 15 dollars. We are a professional golf towel manufacturer, we can help you customize golf towels of various sizes and styles, with guaranteed quality and lower prices.

What are the benefits of golf towels?
Playing golf in the open air exposes you and your equipment to the elements. When the club head touches the turf almost every time the ball is hit, any dirt remaining on the club face will undoubtedly affect the trajectory of the ball. The towel can relieve the dirt remaining in the groove, so it can make the face clean, dry and shiny. The best golf towel will extend the life of the club and enhance the reliability of the contact between the ball and the club face, resulting in a better trajectory.

Whether it is rainy or hot, which causes sweaty hands, not only can you get gear from a reliable towel, you can also use it to keep your hands dry. Keep hands, clubs and golf balls clean and dry. Includes a webbing loop with snap buckle, which can be easily attached to a golf bag for easy carrying.

How much does a custom golf towel cost?
Our production cost for a high-quality golf towel is around US$1, but it sells for more than US$10 on Amazon. It is very popular, and sales have not decreased. We export hundreds of thousands of customized golf towels to many European and American sporting goods companies every year. 20% of the golf towels sold on the market are produced by our factory. We accept orders for various customized golf towels. This makes us very proud and proud! If you also want to customize your own brand of golf towels, please contact us, we can make samples for you for free, and the price is very advantageous!

What type of golf towels can Bangze Textile supply?