Professional Hair Towel Turban Manufacturer

In daily life, it is necessary to use a hair towel to dry our hair after we have washed our hair for women. Compared with ordinary towels, dry hair warp towels have finer materials and higher water absorption. Bangze textile is turban manufacturer in China. When using a turban towel, lower your head to let the hair hang down naturally, then put the turban on your head, put all the hair in the dry towel, and then you can go to the book and make a mask.

Dry hair towels have different thicknesses, but they are mainly made of microfiber material, because microfiber material absorbs more water than cotton, is more durable, and can be washed by the machine. The microfiber is also divided into non-elastic microfiber, ant cloth material, coral fleece material and so on. The standard hair towel size is 23 * 65cm, and the size and pattern can be customized according to customer requirements.

Where is the salon towel original produce place?
Whether you own a hair salon, barber shop, nail salon or spa, you need to use a lot of absorbent salon towels that do not shed hair or fade. Where can I find good quality black or white salon towels at reasonable prices? This is the confusion of some small shops. The answer is: Guangzhou Bangze Texitle Towel manufacturer!

Care for your customers with high-quality salon hair towels
A clean, absorbent towel is given to the client to dry his hands, and the client’s hair is wiped with the towel after dyeing or perming. You bought the best shampoo, the best dyes and facial treatments, and you also need quality towels to match your service. Due to continuous demand throughout the day, towels are the core of many businesses. Our salon towel series is designed to meet the needs of all types of salons. It could be a beauty salon, health salon, nail salon and spa, hair salon. Our salon towel series provides services from budget-conscious salons to high-end salons.

High-quality hand towels: These towels are made of 100% ring-spun Turkish cotton, the raw material Turkish long-staple cotton, which makes them softer and more fluffy with each wash. It has strong water absorption, softness and fluffy, so you can feel the luxury of spa treatment in your own home. Let you use it, the more you like it.

Our bleach-resistant hair care towels are also called BLEACH salon towels, and are probably the best salon towels of its kind in the entire market. We have been cooperating with some well-known hair salon brands at home and abroad, such as Schwarzkopf and L’OREAL.

What is the standard size of hair towels?
The Ideal size : 16″ x 27″ towel. In salons, swimming pools or gyms, this is the perfect cloth of choice-large enough to wipe your forehead, neck, hair, face, hands and any dirty surfaces! At the same time, the most popular hair care towel colors are black and white.
Before placing an order, please browse our various options or contact us directly by email. To ensure that you receive the ideal product to meet your individual needs. Our goal is to deliver the same quality to your store and warehouse at better price.

The features of salon towel product
The 100% soft ring spun cotton versatile towels are perfect sized multipurpose use towels. perfect for salon use, hair washing or dying and simply to clean after manicure or pedicure. Update relaxing retreat of your customers at your salon by adding these fabulous towels in your daily use. These towels can also be used in your home, next to your yoga mat, in your golf bag, in gym etc.
Water absorbent
Bangze 100% cotton versatile towel are highly absorbent and retains moisture. Bangze versatile towel are lint free and lighter ribbed construction which results in less time needed in the dryer, therefore saving time and energy costs. Ideal for use in salons, gym, business, or home shower. All edges are double stitched and hemmed for longevity and durability.
Very soft and comfortable
Commercial grade towel is manufactured using super soft 100% ring spun cotton. Reinforced lock stitched hems edges to prevent unraveling and adds to the durability of these salon towels.They are soft feather weight and made from super absorbent ring spun cotton that is soft to touch yet extremely durable and fast drying.With a simple style, these towels look elegant at home in any bathroom.
A customer dream
These thick towels are east to wash and dry.Made with 100% cotton for luxury feel. Wash this separately in cold water before use. Do not bleach.Tumble dry, low heat to resist shrinking and minimize lint.Chemicals will only reduce the softness of the material.
Sew in loop allows you to hang it up for easy accessibility.
Wash before use. In the towel production process, there will still be some loose fibers that are invisible to the naked eye. No harmful chemicals are used on any materials. Therefore, it is safe for you and the environment! You only need to wash the towel a few times to remove them. Kindly Reminder: After washing, the towel is more absorbent and softer. Avoid use of fabric softener and dryer sheets. Terry towel material allows for maximum absorbency.Perfect for pool side, bathroom,or gym use. Money Back Guarantee. Please continue to provide your feedback to help us improve our service in providing quality salon towels.

If you want to customize hair towel and salon towel, we can custom the color, size and logo at your request. You like please submit a sample and, got a sample from bellow items: