Professional Poncho Surf Supplier in China

The poncho is a large-sleeved coat worn on the body, made from knitted cotton and microfiber fabric. It can be used on rainy day and on beach for keeping warm, with short sleeves or sleeveless. Some people call it poncho, beach poncho or surf beach poncho. They are usually hooded and draped over shoulders to protect against the wind and the cold. Modern people are mainly used to change clothes on the beach and directly on the body, called beach changing bathrobes.

The children’s cape or poncho, also called children’s bathrobe, is used to keep the baby warm after bathing. It usually uses when changing swimwear on the beach or when playing. Common cape styles include plain embroidered pattern capes and printed pattern poncho sweater. Conventional children’s poncho coat sizes are 60x60cm, 65x70cm, 65x80cm. Adults’ conventional poncho standard sizes are 70x110cm, 70x120cm, 80x120cm.

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What is a hoodie beach poncho towel?

When you go to beach, please take a hooded Poncho Towel Changing Robe. You can easily get changed and dry off in public with the world’s leading changing towel without awkward. It is so great multifunctional for surf, wakeboarding, swimming, triathlon & more.

The team participates in seaside sports activities custom clothing? Bulk transactions are here. Interested in creating a bespoke with your own logo for a sports team or surf school? We provide customized poncho for events and business.

Beach poncho can be used to dry and cover, basically a mixture between towel and poncho. With its loose, oversized style and absorbent material, the beach poncho can add a variety of uses for you to spend a long day on the beach. To help you find a beach poncho that suits you or your little ones.

We reinvented the best-selling Surf Poncho and made the perfect towel to change after swimming. Introducing our new beach cloak, which is made of 100% cotton and comes with a convenient oversized hood and internal pockets to keep your hands warm. They are very soft and comfortable, you never want to take them off, trust us.

What is the style and function of  poncho towel?
Our cloak is made of cotton cut velvet reactive printing process. The material is very soft and does not harm the skin. At the same time, it is printed with very exquisite patterns and bright in color. It is a beautiful landscape on the sand disaster. You can enjoy this style while air-drying. The normal size of the cloak is 23.5 inches long (front)/25.5 inches long (rear)/23.5 inches (front chest).
Hat can be worn when it rains, loose collar, adjustable cotton drawstring. The inner neck is decorated with a twill ribbon, and the details are perfect. Our super comfortable hooded sweater has a loose silhouette that you want to wear every day. Very suitable for casual wear at home. The loose hood, cross-over neck and high/low hem create a modern casual style. The poncho also has a pocket to keep your phone, wallet and valuables dry.

Multiple uses of poncho
This beach poncho has a novel design, a thin fabric, and a decent tailoring. After use, it can be easily carried in a bag. This poncho can be used to dry or change clothes, so you can take off your wetsuit and put on clean clothes without being invisible. It is designed to fit perfectly, measuring 44 inches from shoulder to bottom, and can be worn by ordinary adult men. At the same time, it is also suitable for keeping warm. We use ultra-thick microfiber material to help you dry and warm up quickly. It is ideal for cold weather in the water.

What materials are available?
The cape provides head-to-toe protection from harsh, humid weather, and offers a variety of classic, eye-catching colors and stylish pattern options. It keeps you warm and dry during the downpour and ensures that the process looks stylish. There are two main fabrics available, namely cotton and microfiber. The cut cotton fabric feels like wool and feels very soft. It is very suitable for use in cold months. The microfiber cape is made of 80% polyester fiber and 20% polyamide fiber. It is enlarged in size and is very comfortable to wear without any tightness. It is completely waterproof, lightweight and quick-drying.

Washing care of poncho
Hand washing or machine washable
Dry flat, do not iron
Distinguish between light and dark fabrics
It is normal to have slight floating hair in the first wash
Wash below 30 degrees