High Quality Coral Fleece Blanket For Airplane and Travelling Sleeping Manufacturer

High quality plush microfiber coral fleece blanket for wholesale from China manufacturer, supplier at cheap price. Bangze textile designed super soft 80% polyester and 20% polyamide coral fleece blankets for adults and kids, custom artwork pattern sewed in good and tightly thread, two different sewing edge types round corner and rectangular corner. They come with various styles and colors, as well as some optional loop for hanging on wall. It is a good blanket to keep warm when warming TV in double bed or staying sofa in winter. Coral fleece blanket customized order are highly appreciated.

Blankets are also widely applied to airplane, air conditioning room and travelling when you sleeping. The super softness and comfort plush fabric texture and lint free, 75x100cm size can be customized.We provide an ‘end-to-end’ solution for your blanket requirements, please contact for get offer and sample.

What is the best blanket use in air condition room?

Coral Fleece Blanket is a kind of commonly used bedding, which has the function of keeping warm and is thinner than quilt. There are soft plush woolen fabrics on both sides, and the surface has rich plush, which has thermal insulation properties. The blanket can also be used as decorations such as bedspreads and tapestries. According to the weaving method, blankets are divided into organic weaving, tufting, warp knitting, needle punching, stitching and so on. Common fancy blankets include jacquard, printed and plain colors, which are elastic and warm, and have a thick texture. Mainly used as bed covers, air-conditioning quilts, sofa quilts, double as decorations such as bedspreads or tapestries, with various patterns and colors.

What are the advantages of coral fleece blankets?

1. In winter, it can be used as a blanket and warm raschel quilt. Lying on it will make you forget all your worries and cold, and instantly enter a warm state. You can sleep till dawn. Therefore, the raschel blanket can help you improve your sleep quality.
2. Spring and autumn can be used as a thin quilt. It is soft without losing its warmth function, but it is close to the body but quite breathable. It is a rare bedding.
3. Summer is an ideal summer quilt (double-layer summer is not suitable). Although it feels plush to the touch, even the thickened raschel is quite breathable and comfortable to cover. Very suitable for naked sleeping!
4. Its advantages are outstanding: the hand feels very comfortable and soft, the fiber is delicate, does not shed, it is warm and breathable, digitally dyed, the color is bright and does not fade, due to the unique process of flannel, it is thicker and tighter than ordinary blankets, and its warmth retention performance is unique
5. Patterns and sizes can be customized in small batches according to customer needs

Washing care

Coral fleece blankets are easy to stain and vacuum, so wash them frequently. The correct washing method is to soak in cold water for 30 minutes, and then put it in a neutral soap flake solution at 40~50℃, keep turning it, and avoid rubbing it too hard to prevent balling. Use clean water for 15 minutes, press out the water and let it dry naturally. When it is half dry, shake the blanket for a few minutes to loosen the fluff, and then continue to dry until it is dry.