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As a microfiber towel camping,microfiber towel for cleaning supplier in China, we supply a wide range of microfiber different patterns towel. They are used for travelling, car drying ,hair drying, dishes drying, swimming,gym, camping, and kitchen clean . Bangze textile accept any microfiber towels at customers’ request.

Microfiber towel is composed of a kind of ultra-fine fiber, which is a pollution-free high-tech new textile material. Its composition is a kind of ultra-fine fiber produced by the organic compound of polyester and nylon. Talk about the benefits and uses of microfiber towels.

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What is the microfiber towel in your eyes?
What kind of magic fabric is superfine fiber? People often want to know: What is a microfiber cleaning cloth? Superfine fibers are defined as fibers less than 1 denier. What material is it mainly used for? What are its specific characteristics? Why do more and more people like to replace traditional cotton towels with this kind of towel? The diameter of microfiber is 1/100 of human hair, while the diameter of silk thread is 1/20. One square inch of microfiber cloth has approximately 200,000 fibers. Therefore, superfine fiber is a very small and dense chemical fiber material. The smaller the fiber, the stronger the absorption capacity. The unit of superfine fiber is denier, which is the diameter of each fiber. The cleanliness of high-quality microfiber towels is usually less than 0.5 denier. This makes it small enough to pick up all kinds of bacteria, bacteria and microorganisms!

Where do I need to use this towel?
Hotel, home, apartment or office, scrubbing the bathroom, cleaning appliances, scrubbing glassware, wiping kitchen counters, car interiors and exteriors, car waxing, kitchen utensils and stoves, outdoor sports sweating, outdoor camping activities, various Ball games, promotional gift distribution, etc., almost they are very versatile, involving all areas of our lives.

Can I use it to clean furniture?
You only need to moisten the towel with clean water, without adding any washing chemicals, and you can quickly clean the dust on the office desk and furniture. After use, rinse with clean water to release all the dust, and then use it again. The towel works best when wrung out after rinsing. The fabric is soft and our furniture does not have any surface scratches or scratches, which makes it a daily use The best cleaning cloth!

Can it be used to wipe computer monitors or LED screen?
Because the microfiber is very absorbent, the fabric is soft and does not shed hair, it is very suitable for erasing dust and fingerprints on electronic products without leaving any traces. For example, our microfiber window cleaning cloths and eyeglasses cloths are special lint-free cloths with a smooth surface, soft hand feeling and strong water absorption, which can quickly remove dust and dirt on the lens. Some luxury brand jewelry will also use our super soft microfiber cleaning cloth. We provide a variety of microfiber professional cleaning towels that can be used for any cleaning task! From car beauty, home cleaning, drying and glass cleaning, tell us your needs, here you can find the best towel for you! Or learn more about the different types of microfiber towels we carry below.

What kind of microfiber towel is a good towel?
Are all microfiber towels the same? No, there is a difference between a good cleaning towel and a low-quality product. This can be based on many factors, such as the type of microfiber towel, the quality of the microfiber itself, and the thickness. Too thick towels are not easy to dry, wringing out is laborious, and inconvenient to carry. Towels that are too thin are not durable. Therefore, we recommend the most suitable style for your reference according to the customer’s usage.

What are the main classifications of microfibers?
We can see all kinds of microfiber towels on the market, so what are the main ones? Let me tell you that there are mainly microfiber towels for cleaning supplies and microfiber towels for sports towels. Microfiber can be used in many professional cleaning applications, such as mops and cleaning cloths. Although the cost of microfiber mops is higher than that of non-microfiber mops, they may be more economical because they last longer and require less effort to use. In cleaning products, ultra-fine fibers can be 100% polyester fibers, or a mixture of polyester fibers and polyamide (nylon). In order for microfiber to be most effectively used as a cleaning product for water-soluble dirt and wax, it must be a very soft cloth. The main exceptions are for cleaning the face and removing skin oils (sebum) from optical surfaces such as cameras, mobile phones and glasses.

Because microfibers leave no fluff or dust, auto repairers use microfibers extensively to handle tasks such as removing wax from paint, quick beauty, cleaning interiors, cleaning glass, and drying.

Microfiber cloths are also used to clean photographic lenses because they absorb oily substances without being abraded or leaving residues, and are sold by major manufacturers such as Sinar, Nikon, and Canon. Small microfiber cleaning cloths are commonly used to clean computer screens and glasses lenses.

In addition, microfiber towels are also widely used in sports towels, such as microfiber fitness towels, cold towels for outdoor sports and running, indoor yoga towels, outdoor Gower towels and so on. There are many styles, the color, size and thickness can be customized as required. Among them, the most popular one is the quick-drying sports towel, because it is very light and thin, has good water absorption, does not shed hair, rolls into a cylinder when not in use, and does not take up space. It is a good companion for outdoor sports fans. When you are sweating profusely in the gym, you must need such a magic towel to wipe off the sweat without affecting the good mood of the next exercise. Do you know what is special about this quick-drying towel? By the way, it’s quick-drying. Just hang in the sun for less than five minutes to dry.

Is it at least 300 GSM microfiber towels (GSM = grams per square meter)?
The heavier the microfiber towel, the more microfiber it has. There are a variety of different GSM microfiber towels because they can be used for many tasks. But according to experience, high-quality towels must have at least 300GSM or more. General cleaning towels for cleaning furniture are generally 250gsm, but at least 300gsm for sports towels. For car washing towels, it is best to use 500gsm or thicker. To judge a good microfiber towel, in addition to its soft feel to the touch, you can also look at the seam. The edges of a good microfiber towel are well stitched and precise to prevent wear and tear.

Are microfiber towels more expensive than cotton towels?
Not necessarily! This mainly depends on the size, thickness, material and style of the towel. But on the whole, microfiber towels are cheaper than ordinary cotton towels. This is the truth. And microfiber towels are more durable than cotton towels. A good quality microfiber towel priced at $3 can last for about 1-2 years, but cotton towels may only last for six months to one year. You can tell us the specific towel requirements, and we are a 12 years professional microfiber manufacturer so we will quote the best price for your reference!