Pure waffle cotton bathrobe direct producer would like to introduce amazing item for you as below.


Meet a better you, wash away the secret dust of daytime stress, and return to simplicity and comfort. Be yourself the moment you put on your bathrobe. Pure cotton fabric, diamond-shaped stitching, comfortable and breathable, no static electricity. The pure cotton fabric is more water-absorbent, and it is slim and soft when worn next to the skin. The air layer is pure cotton, and the texture of the bathrobe is concave and convex, so that the moisture and sweat evaporate faster, absorb water more strongly, have both breathability and aesthetic feeling, and the air permeability is more effective. This is a breathing bathrobe, soft against the skin, breathable and absorbent. Eco-friendly reactive dyes. The dye is closely combined with the cotton yarn, the color fastness is not less than 4 percent, it is washable and does not fade, the cotton fabric feels soft, the color is soft, and it is very environmentally friendly.


Produced in strict accordance with the weaving process standards of five-star hotels, it is safe and healthy, and the quality assurance is more assured. Color can be customized, various colors. Classic white, fresh and elegant, returning to nature, releasing stress and returning to tranquility, derived from the classic white of the hotel, the body is soft and the heart is sweet. Calm blue, it has a sense of aesthetic temperament, with a kind of elegance, not pretentious, but the line is noble. Hermes orange, with its own advanced attributes, is unique and leads the trend of light luxury at home, capturing your sight and senses. High-grade gray, elegant gray, showing the taste and style in the bustling world, still sticking to the tranquility.


Product details and features, fashionable neckline, atmospheric and docile highland barley collar design, streamlined lines, reflecting the beauty of simplicity. Various styles, in addition to the collar, there are also a variety of hood designs to choose from. Exquisite embroidery patterns can be customized. Belt design, simple buckle design on both sides, easy to tie and adjust at will. Warm and convenient, widened waistband. Can be used as bathrobes, pajamas, home clothes. Strict seaming process, the inner and outer seams of clothes are straight, and the stitches are well-proportioned and dense. One stitch and one thread show the texture. High color fastness, healthy ring closure, not easy to pilling. The waffle weave adds an extra layer of comfort you’ll never want to take it off. The shawl collar gives it a classic, timeless look that will never go out of style.


Being soft is a great way to deal with the world. Each cotton yarn has a water-soluble yarn that melts when exposed to water. After dissolving, there will be a certain air gap, so the towel is fluffy and soft, easier to absorb water, and easier to dry at the same time. The absorbent waffle is made of high-quality pure cotton raw materials, with a larger surface area, faster air circulation and better water absorption. Using the combing process, the shorter fibers and impurities in the cotton are removed. The average sunshine duration of our cotton is more than 12 hours per day.


We promise: first-time hair loss, free replacement. After the first use, the color will fade, and it will be replaced for free. If it is damaged in the first use, it will be replaced for free. We promise 30 days hassle-free return and exchange. Until the customer is 100% satisfied.


Applicable scenarios: business hotels, comfortable homes, homestay vacations, club spas, company employee gifts,


The size specifications can be customized, and there are four different sizes of M, L, XL, and XXL. Compatible with most adult sizes in Europe and America. Washing instructions, the washing temperature is below 40 degrees, do not bleach, hang to dry, and iron at a low temperature of 110 degrees Celsius. Do not dry clean.


Come and hear the real voice and feelings of customers who bought our bathrobes!


Customer Johan Kest from Canada: The production order is fast, the logistics is also fast, the packaging is very careful, and there is no peculiar smell when unpacked. There is no extra thread, and the pocket design is very user-friendly. It has two large front pockets perfect for storing your phone, keys or other essentials. After washing, it is very convenient to wash. The fabric is very comfortable, pure cotton, especially the cotton yarn, this is the third purchase. Its soft, comfortable feel and classic look make it a wardrobe staple you’ll love for years to come. Working with Bangze Textile, we are very satisfied!


Customer Klein Moreno from Netherlands: If you are in the market for a comfortable, high-quality robe as a gift for a client or employee, this shawl robe is a great choice. This robe is perfect for lounging around the house or even as a stylish piece on the go. The softness of the bathrobe is good, the style is also good-looking, and there is no hair shedding after washing. The quality of the bathrobes is okay, similar to hotel bathrobes, the quality of the bathrobes is great! The workmanship is fine and the soft fabric is very comfortable,  the water absorption is very good! The recommended size is also suitable, I like it and I am very satisfied. The size is loose fit, comfortable and suitable for all body types. An adjustable waistband lets you tweak the fit to your liking, while the longer length provides extra coverage and warmth.


Customer Sylvie Mensah from France: After comparing several bathrobe samples, I finally chose Guangzhou Bangze Textile company for cooperation. Very pleased with the bathrobe received, the fabric is very comfortable on the body, the robe is great, very light but opaque. The finishing was done carefully, as expected. Excellent fit, thick and soft. Very satisfied. Washed and no pilling or shrinkage, very breathable, love it. When we are out and about for business, you need a lightweight robe that is easy to carry. It’s great and won’t wrinkle in a suitcase – a huge plus for me. I’ve bought several robes from different bathrobe brands and they all have two problems: they get static (it’s very dry here); and reaching your arms towards light switches, tables, etc tends to get stuck on your shoulders, as if stretched out The arms will be the same as the shoulder seams, because a better description is needed. Bangze’s sample does not have this problem, I am so happy to find it. The robe does not generate any static electricity. It didn’t make any knocking noises when touching doorknobs or my computer, it didn’t cling to my legs or arms, and it didn’t make squeaking noises when I walked around or took it off.