The best type of towels for cleaning glass and LED TV screens are microfiber towels, traditional microfiber towels often leave streaks on windows, we produce this high density composite 800gsm double layer design microfiber towels, It is highly absorbent and contains polyester that dries easily. Our microfiber towels are made from 80% polyester 20% polyamide suede material which makes the towels super absorbent and quick drying. Reuse takes only about 5 minutes, compared to 8 hours for regular towels. It’s amazing!

Unique dual texture design, the towel has a dirt and grime resistant corduroy surface on the front and a silky smooth texture on the reverse to wipe away any streaks for the highest commercial grade quality and great value! Please don’t be fooled by cheap imitations elsewhere, who may choose lighter weight, all-polyester cleaning towels, which greatly reduce absorbency and softness, and are also much cheaper. Please compare carefully and make the right choice.

Versatility, lint/no scuffs, no marks. Not only does it wipe glass, utensils, stemware, silverware, glass table tops, windows, china, cutlery, stainless steel, cell phones, electronic device screens, it’s also a great choice for safe use on mirrors and other polished surfaces! Extremely durable – able to withstand hundreds of washes, machine washable. Removes dust and dirt without the use of chemicals, providing an effective and environmentally friendly cleaning solution.

The professional cleaners at the cleaning company told me they have been cleaning houses for 30 years and they use this to clean the windows and mirrors as well as the pendant light on the kitchen island and the tv in the living room! Definitely works and doesn’t leave any streaks or fingerprints. Compared with traditional towels, the dust and dirt on the surface of this microfiber high-quality cleaning towel can be easily washed off without being directly absorbed into the inside of the towel, making it particularly easy to clean. Lightweight Much lighter than ordinary cotton towels, easy to carry. We just need to wash it with a little water after use. You can trust the advice of professionals.

Care Instructions: Hand wash or machine wash below 40 degrees, tumble dry low, do not iron. Any fabric softener will clog microfibers and reduce performance. Do not use chlorine bleach and softener.

Is such an easy-to-use and popular high-efficiency cleaning cloth expensive? Let’s take an example for reference.

38x25cm microfiber cleaning wool, 800gsm, the two sides of the towel are made of different colors.

The minimum order quantity is 10,000 pieces, and the price is US$0.658 per piece, excluding shipping costs. The delivery time is 20-25 days, 100 pieces are packed in a transparent bag, and 200 pieces are packed in a carton. If you have specific quantity, size and color requirements, we can also customize according to your requirements. Please contact us! More popular sizes 30x*30cm, 40*40cm, 40*60cm, 60*120cm, welcome to consult.

For small amount order less than US$1000, we accept paypal payment, so you can use credit card to start your own small business quickly if you want to our authorized premium clean towel wholesaler.

1-2 samples can be provided free of charge for your testing.