A Beach towel is a crucial item for the summer holidays; I know a lot of people who will agree with me. With summer here, its time to take out the swimsuit and spend quality time at the beach. When you are packing your suitcase for summers, don’t forget to pack a beach towel.

There was a time when people bought the beach towel at the last minute. Nowadays, beach towels are not just an oversized bath towel or a barrier between the ground and you. The beach towels are designed to provide an exceptional experience.

There are other reasons why you need to have a beach towel for the summer holidays.

To Provide Comfort

One of the main purposes of a beach towel is to be a barrier between you and the sand. When you are on a beach, you cannot lay on the sand as it will be hot during the day. Besides this, the sand will get stuck to your body if you lay on the sand after a swim. So, you need a beach towel as a barrier between your body and sand.

Dry you Off

Another reason you need to have a beach towel is that it will help you keep your body dry. Since the beach towel is specially designed to be used at the sea or pool, it is capable of absorbing water from your body quickly.

Keeps You Warm

The beach towels are heavier and thicker than other towels. That’s why you must have a beach towel. It will keep you stay warm on a chilly night near the sea.

Make a Fashion Statement

By having a beautiful looking towel, you can flaunt your style. There are different styles and designs of beach towels available on the market. By choosing a unique and chic beach towel, you can add a sophisticated and classy touch to your personality.

Use it as a Changing Room

What if the changing room on the beach is filled up and there is no space to change your clothes. This is where a beach towel comes in handy, you can use it to create a covered space for you to change your clothes. You will not have to wait up in the long queue to change clothes.

Protection from Sun

The beach towel can also be used as a makeshift sunshade blanket. This will protect you and your family from the direct sunlight. You can keep your skin safe as you will not have to worry about sunburn.

In the end, the beach towel is an essential item to pack for the summer holidays. Whether you like laying out in the sun, or go to the beach for swimming, you will need a beach towel.

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Why do you take a beach towel with you on a vacation? Share your thoughts with us in the comments!