You will sweat a lot during exercise. In order to prevent sweat from flowing into your eyes or affecting your exercise, you can quickly absorb sweat by using a sweat towel. The sweat towel is optimized for sports in terms of material, size, and water absorption. In professional sports competitions, which towels will be good for athletes ?

This picture should be familiar to everyone. Before every jump, you will see the athlete rubbing the body with a fitness towel, and then throwing the towel down.

Athletes use a special kind of towel, which can quickly absorb a large amount of water on the body and is easy to wring out. On the one hand, keeping your body dry can avoid losing control of your body when doing movements. For example, you may slip if there is water on your hands or legs when you tuck your knees in the air.

On the other hand, the room temperature in the arena is low, so drying the water will help keep you warm. At the end of the competition, after taking a bath, the athletes wrapped their bodies with large bath towels to help the body quickly restore body temperature to prevent colds. For example, the 70x140cm and 80x160cm sizes are the most popular. The brands of the organizers and sponsors of the event are printed on them, which also has a very good brand promotion effect.

Why do excellent divers use a small gym towel?

The BBC’s “Science Focus Magazine” summer special issue of 2021 published an article entitled “Questions and Answers about the Olympic Games”, the article counted eight puzzles about the Olympic Games.

According to reports, diving often requires tuck and bend. Wet hands and legs will slip, so it is important to dry them with a towel before jumping. Diving athletes will sit in the hot pool to maintain their body temperature between the two jumps, so they will dry and get wet repeatedly during a game. Small sports towels are highly absorbent and can be easily wrung out.

Usually use cotton sports towels with loops. The loops are fluffy, soft touching, and have good water absorption. They can help athletes quickly dry their sweat, keep their skin refreshed, and better prepare for the next games. We recommend using two sizes of 30x50cm and 40x80cm which are very easy useful exercise towels.


Volleyball game requires a very high reaction speed. At the same time, every game is accompanied by a large number of stalemates. Therefore, after a game, the short sleeves of the athletes will be soaked with sweat. For professional athletes, athlete towels for wiping sweat during the game are essential equipment.

In professional sports competitions, the styles of sports towels are relatively simple, monotonous in color, and more practical. The sports towels used in the gym are diversified in styles, bright in color, and more functionally optimized. The most common one is the microfiber with triangular pockets and zippers. You can put coins and personal belongings inside.

At the same time, it can be customized to print and embroider fitness company brands and designs. There is a very hot popular microfiber gym towel, which is more suitable for use on fitness equipment. The back of the towel has a deep pocket can cover the top of the fitness equipment and will not fall off easily. When the human body is lying on it and doing abdominal exercises, it can absorb all the sweat from the body on the towel to keep the skin dry.

During exercise, there will be a lot of sweating. In this case, it will not only affect the whole exercise state but also have the risk of injury. If sweat enters the body, it may also be infected with wind and cold. At this time, the sports towel will be the first time. The sweat on the skin is absorbed cleanly, which can make exercise use better.

In fact, most of these towels are accompanied by a quick-drying effect. They sweat frequently during exercise in gym. If the sweat-absorbent towel cannot achieve timely perspiration, it will be difficult to achieve a good perspiration effect. The ability to dry quickly can better absorb sweat.

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