Water Absorbency

First of all, a towel with good water absorption must be a good towel. Putting the towel in the water can absorb the sinking evenly and quickly, indicating that it is a good towel. Why do towels have good water absorption, which means good quality? Water absorption should be good. A good quality towel can be quickly absorbed if it is dripped with water droplets. If it is used to wipe the hands and face, it can quickly dry the water and remove the dust.

The quality of the towel is determined by cotton yarn and dyeing. In order to reduce costs, some manufacturers use poor quality cotton yarn, which will affect the feel. Therefore, in order to improve the hand feel, some manufacturers will add a large amount of softener to the towel. Therefore, the water absorption of the towel is greatly reduced.

Color Fastness

In some developing poor countries, the people use poor quality towels to wash their faces which  put in warm water for less than 5 seconds, and the color of the water begins to change color. Dyes include reactive dyes, vat dyes, direct dyes, the first two dyes have good color fastness and relatively high environmental protection, and the cost of direct dyes is much lower than the price of the first two dyes. Direct dyes contain carcinogens. If we use this inferior towel for a long time, it will affect our health.

Please Smell It

Before you choosing brightly colored towels, please smell the towel firstly. Some manufacturers of inferior towels use some prohibited dyes, and these dyes contain benzidine carcinogens, which is pungent smell. There are some inferior towels with a fishy, petrol smell, not caused by storage or transportation, but due to the oil leakage of the manufacturer’s mechanical processing equipment and non-compliance with hygienic standards. A good towel is not have peculiar smell.

Choose a qualified towel manufacture to guarantee good quality towels and pay attention to your family care and health.