Today, I will talking about how to find the best travel towel for backpacking.

So, you have decided to go backpacking. Surely, it is one of the most exciting things in the world. But when it comes to packing luggage, its daunting, frustrating, time-consuming, and not to forget, confusing.

What are the essential items you need to pack? How much can you carry? Is the pink top really necessary? There are a lot of things you need to worry about. One of the most important items to add to your luggage is a travel towel.

Someone who travels a lot would know the importance of a travel towel. You cannot just put in your average cotton towel; it is too heavy. So, you need a lightweight, compact, and quick-dry travel towel.

Since the market is flooded with tons of travel towels, choosing the right can be difficult. To help you make an informed decision, here are some tips.

Deciding the Type of Towel

Travel towels are made using a variety of materials. The most commonly used materials are cotton, linen, microfiber, and bamboo.

  • Cotton- it might not be a good choice as it will take ages to dry. Touching the towel feels good though.
  • Linen- offers a soft touch and will keep you away from odor. It does dry quickly but is not absorbent.
  • Microfiber- this is perfect for traveling. It is a quick-dry and lightweight towel along with being durable and breathable. Microfiber towels are not necessarily soft.
  • Bamboo- this is a soft towel that dries up quickly. Since it is made from eco-friendly materials, it is expensive than other options.

Size of the Towel You Need

Travel towels are available in different sizes, ranging from small to XL. Depending on how you plan to use it, you should select the right size. You have to ask yourself will you be able to work with a small towel or you need a large one. If you will be using the towel at the beach, you need to have a large microfiber towel.

Absorbency Rate of the Towel

Another tip for choosing the best travel towel is to focus on the absorbency rate. You should get an absorbent towel. This is because you won’t have the time to air dry your body. So, the towel should be able to soak up water quickly.

Fast Drying Properties

It is crucial to have a towel that dries up quickly. You cannot wait around in one place until your towel dries up. And you certainly not want to have a wet towel in your luggage. So, a travel towel must have quick-dry property.

Anti-Microbial Should Not Be Ignored

You will be having your towel in your luggage most of the time. So, it is important for it to actively fight odor. A towel with anti-microbial properties is a must.

I hope these tips will help you find the right travel towel. Bangze Textile provides a wide range of travel towels, visit to explore their collection. If you have any other useful tips, share it in the comments!