Professional Printed Beach Towel Manufacturer

Bangze textile can produce all types of beach towel.Beach towel material can be cotton beach towel and microfiber towel both. If you want printed pattern, we can full meet your demand. Some oversized beach towel and beach towels with pocket keeps no sand, keeps your skin clean and dry. We can print your photo pattern as personalized beach towel with wholesale price.

The beach towel size is customized also, for adult and for kid both. Microfiber beach towel is fast dry and MOQ is smaller than cotton beach towel. Standard beach towel size 140*70cm, 75*150cm and 80*160cm. We accept customized beach towel at your request.

What is a beach towel?

Beach towels are relatively large in size. Like bath towels, they can be wrapped around the waist, draped over the body, and tied around the head and neck. As a covering ornament, they can also be spread on the beach. One side can keep out the tide and sand, and the other side can lie down. Bask on the beach. Common beach towel sizes are 70x140cm, 75x150cm, and 80x160cm. The best effect of the beach is to quickly dry the water on the surface of people’s bodies, because when the skin is wet, the ultraviolet rays in the sun are reflected by the swimming pool or sea water, causing the sun’s effect to be three times that of dryness! And if you don’t dry your body water after swimming, skin pain and blisters will definitely come to you, so when you play or swim outdoors, you must bring a beach towel.

Because beach towels are generally used outdoors, they are designed to have a bright color, conflicting colors, and an appearance with heavy ink and complex patterns. In the production process, the front fabric treatment is different from back side fabric. It has fluff on one side and has good water absorption, so that it can be used to dry the body after swimming up from the sea, and the other side is flat, so as to avoid sticking sand when spreading on the beach.

How to classify beach towel?

Because beach towels are generally used outdoors, their appearance is generally more complex and beautiful. Divided from the material, we can be divided into cotton beach towels and microfiber beach towels. The former is more popular in European and American countries, such as Germany, the United Kingdom, the United States, and Canada. Cotton beach towels can be made in two main processes, namely jacquard beach towels and printed beach towels. Jacquard beach towels are generally thick and have strong water absorption. However, due to the limitation of jacquard technology, jacquard beach towels generally have fewer colors and simple patterns. The minimum order quantity is relatively high, usually 3000 pieces of a style are required, and up to 3 colors can be made. The other process is cotton cut pile reactive printing beach towels. Reactive printing is a more advanced printing and dyeing process. The fabrics of reactive printing have bright colors, good color fastness, soft hand feeling, can be washed often without fading, and used for a long time as new. Divide the loops on the front of the towel in half, so that the hand feels very soft, allowing the reactive dye to penetrate the inner tissue of the towel better. The minimum order quantity is usually 1000 pieces per style, up to 10 colors can be printed and the price is moderate, very popular with European and American customers!

Microfiber beach towels can be divided into two types: ordinary microfiber and quick-drying microfiber. The common thickness of ordinary microfiber beach towels is 280gsm, with plain color silk screen printing or color printing. Quick-drying ultra-fine fiber beach towels are very popular in coastal countries such as Australia, New Zealand, and the United States. Its standard thickness is 200gsm. It uses polyester and nylon fiber fabrics. The fabric is delicate, soft and skin-friendly, and has good water absorption. Warmth retention. The fabric material is soft, windproof and warm, and can prevent cold. It adopts edging sewing, it is not easy to rub when using bath towel, and it is more comfortable to use. It can be used for travel, sports and fitness, hot springs and swimming. Our company stocks fabrics in 24 colors throughout the year. Customers can choose at will. Customized printing or embroidery patterns are available. The minimum order quantity is 500 pieces per color.

What is MOQ of beach towel?

For cotton beach towels, if they are made of plain embroidery, the minimum order quantity is 1,000. If the minimum order quantity is not reached, the dyeing fee will be paid. The minimum order quantity of cotton cut velvet reactive printing beach towel is 1,000 pieces per style, but the minimum order quantity for yarn-dyed jacquard beach towels is 5,000 pieces per style. We recommend that you try cotton cut velvet reactive printing beach towels at the beginning, and if the sales volume is good, increase the order quantity. The minimum order quantity of microfiber beach towels is relatively low. If we use our existing stock fabrics and colors, the minimum order quantity is only 500 pieces. If you want to customize beach towels, please send us your specific requirements, and we will calculate an accurate quotation in the shortest possible time. At the same time, we can also provide free samples for your reference quality!

Where can these beach towels used ?

During the holidays, going to the beach is always the first choice in summer. Bring a beach towel when you start, which is practical and fashionable. The beach is always a sea of ​​joy for people, where you can take off your shoes, relax your feet and experience the softness of the sand. However, when you are tired, you cannot sit or lie on the sand, which requires a beach towel. The emergence of beach towels has a great effect on promoting seaside tourism. Since having beach towels, people can sit and lie freely when they are playing on the beach.

When we go swimming, we can also bring a beach towel. When we get up from the water, we will feel a little cold on our body. Putting on a beach towel in time can keep warm. It is convenient and hygienic. It can also be used as a bath towel at home. You can use one towel to dry off excess water after taking a shower.

Is beach towel very expensive ?

The price of beach towel fabrics depends on towel size and pattern requirements. Beach towels are a variety of towels. They are generally made of cotton and microfiber. The size is larger than bath towels. The main feature is bright colors and rich patterns. It is mainly used for outdoor play, rubbing and covering after exercise, and also often used for laying on the beach or grass. Most people choose cotton beach towels in beautiful colors. Advantage of beach towel fabrics is easy to keep warm, soft and close-fitting, moisture absorption and air permeability. Its disadvantage is easy to shrink, easy to wrinkle, not very stiff and beautiful in appearance, and must be ironed frequently when wearing. The best-selling beach towel on Amazon is the quick-drying microfiber beach towel. The good quality is priced at $15, and the worst is priced at $5. This is completely beyond our imagination. We can provide you with beach towels of the same quality but at a better price, because we produce 500,000 pieces of this beach towel every year. Please contact us, we will provide the best price and quality!

How to custom your own beach towel ?

If you have a towel sample, please send us the beach towel sample pictures firstly. If you dont have sample, please tell us the beach towel size and thickness, logo and quantity. We will make a mockup for you to confirm, then quote for you. We have existing beach towel samples are free charge can send you at request. Before place order, we will make a pre-production sample to you for approval. You place order to us and we send Proforma invoice to you then you pay for deposit payment. We will start production and prepare related package care label, carbon and polybag for you accordingly. During the production, we will take some pictures and videos share with you, you will know every steps what we are doing for you. After finished, we will share with you all package packed pictures again. You do not need to worry about anything no matter you are our old or new customers, we supply 24 hours service for you.