How to choose a good yoga towel?

Most of the yoga towels on the market are made of microfiber composition. The styles are divided into three categories: plain yoga towels, printed yoga towels and embroidered yoga towels. It can be used in conjunction with pvc yoga mats. When people do yoga exercise while standing on a yoga towel, they can reduce contact with the yoga mats, so the yoga mats are more durable and clean as new.

The yoga towel absorbs sweat on the yoga mat. After being soiled, it can be removed and washed. It can be machine washed for easy cleaning. Yoga towels can prevent practitioners from inhaling bacteria or dust mites while doing some facial movements close to the yoga mat. It is also lightweight, versatile and easy to carry and machine washable for easy cleaning.

The Yoga Towel is made of towelling fabric and add some silicone at back side of towelling fabric, which makes the yoga towel more stable. The unique capillary absorption effect of microfibers makes the fabrics have the characteristics of fast water absorption and quick drying.

With the same texture and composition, if the thickness is heavier, the more expensive price of yoga towel. Common thicknesses of yoga towel are 380GSM, 360GSM, 320GSM and 300GSM. The weight of the silicone towel on the back of the yoga towel is 360 grams/square meter, and after the glue is 550-600 grams/piece. Yoga towels with silicone particles have a strong grip and anti-slip properties. There are anti-skid rubber particles on the back, which can fix the towel on the mat without sliding, effectively assisting the stretching and balance of yoga exercise, and improving the safety and comfort of exercise. During the exercise, the unevenness of the rubber particles has a good massage effect on the soles of the feet and the back, and promotes blood circulation.

Why choose us as your yoga towel supplier?

  1. The lock edge is exquisite and not scattered. Our yoga towel selvedge line uses eight high-elastic polyester threads to be beautiful, strong and durable. The general manufacturers use six or even four selvage lines and counterfeit polyester. The loose lines are easy to fall off and are not beautiful.
  2. Our towels are dyed more evenly, without fading, hair loss or deformation.
  3. We have a low order quantity, you can customize your design patterns with a minimum order quantity of 500 pieces.